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Parasite Prevention FAQ from our Charlotte Veterinarian

dog scratching due to parasites and fleas

Parasite prevention is a common topic at our vet in Charlotte. To help people find answers, we have put together this parasite prevent FAQ. For information that is specific to your individual pet, feel free to contact us for an appointment!

What methods of flea and tick prevention are there?

There are a number of effective flea and tick prevention methods. Sprays, spot-on liquids, collars, and oral tablets can all be used when implementing a flea prevention plan with our vet in Charlotte. Currently, there are no oral medications for tick prevention, however. For heartworm prevention, there are oral medications combined with flea treatments, oral medications for heartworm alone, and spot-on liquid treatments.

Why do I need parasite prevention in Charlotte?

Parasites spread disease and create discomfort for your pet. Fleas, ticks, and heartworm are all much easier to prevent than to deal with once your pet has them. Most parasites are opportunistic, and although they prefer animal hosts, will bite humans if we are around. The one exception would be heartworm, which does not affect people. Parasite prevention in Charlotte is cheaper, easier, and safer than waiting until you have a problem.

Do I need to treat the environment?

Unfortunately, by the time you are aware that you need a flea prevention program; your home probably has fleas. An infestation requires treating the home as well as the pet in order to get rid of the problem. Treating the environment for ticks and mosquitoes (for heartworm prevention) usually involves removing their habitat rather than using pesticides.

How can my veterinarian in Charlotte NC help with parasite prevention?

If you have a pet with an acute infestation, our veterinarian in Charlotte NC can provide medical assistance to get rid of the parasites fast. There are also a number of flea preventatives that are prescription-only, and if these are right for your pet, you will need a current exam on record with our animal hospital in Charlotte.

When should I use parasite preventatives?

For Charlotte parasite prevention, year-round application is recommended. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes (which spread heartworm) are active unless the temperature drops below normal in Charlotte. This means that effective Charlotte parasite prevention requires on-going treatment.

How do I get help with parasite prevention in Charlotte?

Call our animal hospital in Charlotte and make an appointment! We can help you stop a current infestation, treat a pet with secondary issues, or get a prescription for a flea prevention treatment from our veterinarian in Charlotte NC. If you still have questions regarding parasite prevention call us today at 704-847-4796.

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I have used Dr Johnson ever since she opened this office and my pets love her to death. She is very caring and does not rush you and always answers your questions in layman's terms. She loves her work along with her associates.

Fred H.
Charlotte, NC