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Spay and Neuter Surgery in Charlotte, NC

As a pet owner, you've heard of spay and neuter in Charlotte, NC. However, do you know why you should get your pet spayed or neutered? Here at Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte, we recommend getting your pet fixed in order to improve its quality of life. Spay and neuter surgery is a simple way to reduce pet homelessness while protecting your pet’s health. Here are other reasons why we recommend getting your pet spayed or neutered, as well as what to expect with this surgery. 

photo of puppies and kittens which can be avoided by spaying or neutering your pet

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Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Getting your pet spayed or neutered removes their ability to reproduce. This means your female dogs or cats are unable to get pregnant. Additionally, your male pets will not suffer the aggression associated with the desire to reproduce. By removing the sex organs your pet can also improve its longevity.

The Humane Society reports that neutered dogs live 18 percent longer and spayed dogs live 23 percent longer than those who are not fixed. Part of this has to do with pet cancers including uterine and reproductive cancers, which are diminished when a pet is sterilized. 

Differences Between Spay and Neuter

When you make an appointment to neuter or spay your pet you might not be sure which type of pet surgery to request. For female pets including dogs and cats, you want to request a spay surgery. Male dogs and cats will be neutered. Here at our veterinarian in Charlotte, we can help you determine if your pet is a male or female if you are not sure.

What to Expect With Spay and Neuter Surgery

You want to get your pet spayed or neutered at the right time for best results. The earlier the pet is sterilized, the better. The Humane Society recommends getting dogs and cats spayed or neutered at around eight weeks old. Additionally, if you can get your cat or dog spayed before they go into heat for the first time, the better since this ensures they are not going to get pregnant. 

When you bring your pet into our animal hospital in Charlotte we have everything needed here on-site. This includes the general anesthesia provider who uses a drip IV to allow the pet to ease into the transition of anesthesia. We also provide continuous monitoring of your pet’s vitals throughout the procedure for their best welfare. 

Choose Our Vet in Charlotte for Spay and Neuter Surgery

To get your pet spayed or neutered, our vet in Charlotte Dr. Trish Johnson is ready to assist you. At Compassionate Care Veterinary Hospital Dr. Johnson utilizes her services to treat dogs and cats. We are a full-service animal hospital. In addition to pet surgery, we also provide pet dentistry, emergency pet care, a pet pharmacy, and senior care for pets.

Contact us at 704-847-4796 to schedule an appointment.

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I have used Dr Johnson ever since she opened this office and my pets love her to death. She is very caring and does not rush you and always answers your questions in layman's terms. She loves her work along with her associates.

Fred H.
Charlotte, NC